Tuesday, April 27, 2010


anyone else sakit2???
JOM.pegi jumpe doc:pp

kindergarten teacher's routine

8.00 - waktu ketibaan teacher zakirah dan anak-anaknye (;

hai, nama saya ADAM !

HELLO, bulat x mata sy *wink ~__^

8.30 - assembly, bace doa, exercise (head and shoulder knees and toes.haha) singing(McDonald had a farm,iya iya oo.ngee._.quack2 there,quack2 here,quack there,quack here)(i like to eat,i like to eat,banana,papaya_chicken,fish and curry,lalala~lalala~)

mereka sngt chomel ! kan?

9.00 - breakfast(teacher pon curi makan)ngehehe:pp 9.30 - study time people.1st class.

10.15 - move to the next class.faster teacher.


11.00 - lunch "teacher,nak pinggan ijau", "teacher,nak sudu oren", "teacher,nak byk2 nasi", "teacher,nak cawan pink"

11.15 - mandi time.n this teacher must be the guard in front and watch out if anybody's coming while other teachers were bathing them."okay,lay down.close ur eyes."- teachers.some of them just in a second already pengsan.ngaha.but some of them nak kene dodoi baru tdo.:) comel kan?

''korang bwk mknn xmo share ngn ak, derrr !''

11.30 - bsuh pinggn n makan2 with my colleague,ain.n then we main2,tgk sini tgk sane:pp kemas mane2 yg patot

1.30 - "kak ani,masuk zohor belom??"-me. bergurau-gurau senda with kak ma n ain before praying zohor.ngahah.

2.00 - sorg2 pegi wiwi n amik wuduk.hoho."solat zohor ade berape raka'at???"-teacher "empat"-students. "ok,niat solat zohor"-teacher n so on.................

2.30 - makan ptg as in biskut je n air teh.

3.00 - kelas iqra',me as the ustazah now,haha.i teach the 'kelas belom mengenal'
hehe.mcm sush at first but xdela susah sngt.hee

3.45 - "times up,teacher zakirah"-teacher ma.leka sngt duk ajar smpy x sedar times up.hehe"okay,times up.stand up.put the chair on the table and line up"-me.berpusu-pusulah mereka menuruni tangga untuk ke tingkat bawah,hoho.teacher ain dan teacher zakirah sngt x saba tggu

4.30.hehe. "z,mane sikat??"-ain. "nahh..meh sume,sape nak ikat rambut?? dhia,meh cni teacher wat tocang.hoho.amalia,nak sikat rambut tak??.damia,bwk getah x?? irdina,nak teacher ikat tak??adam,sit properly.okay,move to the back,sit and cross ur legs"-me

4.30 - "z"-ain sambil menunjukkan jam dinding padaku,nyah2.tepat2 pkul 4.30. "jom"- me dgn muke yg sngt bahagia;pp kak sala@teacher mama melihat jam dan berkate "sy tawu dh awok,sy pernah jd awk gop.duk ngire saat 3,2,1.bukan sy dop tawu"sambil tersenyum.ain dengan rutinnye menjadi driver sy yang paling comell:)

saya sayang tcher ZAKIRAH so much !

though its hard,challenging and tiring,it's still a memorable thing that i'll remember for the rest of my life.

kak ani,kak za,kak ayu,kak ma,kak zuha,kak fairuz,kak zie,kak sharifah n the boss kak sala - thanx for giving me the opportunity to experience a life as a teacher n show me the right things to do after all:) i'll promise to apply the knowledge that i got in the future once i get the chance to be an english teacher..

my anak2 - i wish u will remember me:) i sayang u all lah my dears though sometimes teacher garang.hehe.but still doesnt means i dont love u:pp blaja leklok. (eh,bajet dorg tawu la lau ak post kat blog.duhh) papepon,stay strong.gona miss u;PP

''tcher, cpatla mengajar ! :D''

esk is the last day.humm.sdeyh:(

Thursday, April 1, 2010

sy syg kawan2 sy:)

a friend is someone who can accept you the way you are
who can in turn advice what you've mistaken along the road of your life
who are not only think about themselves but also you
a friend will not only be there when you are happy and cheerful
but also when you are sad and having problems
who will not feel upset when you are moody but even feel very responsible
here i want to tell all my friends that i am so proud
proud as if not arrogant
but gumbira because the existence of you in my life had merely create a person
LOVE sincerely from ME <3